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Enriching global industry ecosystems.
Sustainably caring for our people and planet.

We inspire and equip value chain actors, accelerate the adoption of process innovation within and between firms to achieve sustainable competitiveness through a virtual industry value chain integration platform that mirrors physical events using advanced technology infrastructure.

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VirtualRouteZ’s value chain solution is relevant to supply chains in any industry focusing on any product and/or service. It virtually integrates, digitalises and on-boards entire supply chains, or individual organisations to existing integrated supply chains.

We currently service a range of value chains, including animals and animal products for food, leather, wool, mohair and fashion garments, crops and crop products for natural fibre and fashion garments, cultivated forests and forestry products for natural fibre and fashion garments.

We enable Financiers and Insurers to offer financial products and services to these value chains based on commodity-based financing supported by the information and forensically hard information and data available through the VirtualRouteZ solution.

our business culture

VirtualRouteZ believes that corporate sustainability should be a practical demonstration of its values to help build a platform for growth across the Group and in its community. The company has fully aligned its policies and procedures to ensure a positive environmental, social and economic impact. VirtualRouteZ will operate for the benefit of the country, community and company.

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value chain analysis
Program modelling
Virtual integration
Coordination & Facilitation
Unlocking future value

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Our highly experienced team collectively has 132 years of experience.