Value chain intelligence for sustainable competitiveness
Near real-time validation of digital assets (product items) in the value chain
Trusted visibility to support commodity-based finance and insurance products
Forensic hardness to support collateral management of commodities
Fuelling the digital economy through supply chain innovation

what is

Your partner in sustainable development through real time visibility of virtually integrated value chains.

how it works

Provides intelligent technology and associated methodologies in supporting a change management process to achieve the benefits of full value chain integration.
Assists your organisation in embracing disruptive innovation that requires (re)alignment of supply chains.
Facilitates the virtual integration of value chains through a phased methodology supported by a global value chain visibility platform.
Enables clients with virtually integrated supply chains to achieve superior market capitalisation and ensure sustainable competitiveness among all of the participating supply chain actors.
Collaborates with the final off-takers to achieve improved supply chain flexibility, value chain optimisation as well as improving achievement of sustainability goals throughout the value chain.
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the benefits of virtual
value chain integration
Discover the important factors that contribute towards increased efficiencies and ensure sustainable competitiveness.
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from our CEO:
Heinrich Schultz

Some insight on why virtually integrated value chains can ensure sustainable competitiveness.

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